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I’m well aware that turning your pulpit over to a stranger can be very unnerving. You just never know what you’re going to get. I’ve found that including some thoughts of pastors with which I’ve already worked can help to ease some of the anxiety of allowing a stranger to lead your people. Here’s what some have said about their experience with me.

To Whom It May Concern:

Darin Hilderbrand has been both a member of our congregation for almost 20 years, and a part of our ministry staff for over five. Recently he has stepped down as director of our worship ministry, after feeling directed by the Lord to begin a solo ministry in music.

Darin has served as our worship leader here at Calvary Chapel Spokane for the last four years. He has also performed his own music as part of Russian Church Planting Teams, making numerous trips over the past seven years.

Darin is a very gifted musician, songwriter and performer. He possesses a mastery of both guitar and vocals. But it is Darin’s love for Christ and passion for the lost that has been his greatest asset in serving within our ministry.

The toughest part of losing Darin as part of our staff is that he is so much fun to hang with. He has a quick wit, engaging charm and a casual manner that makes him a fun and easy guy to be around. He also has a firm and faithful grasp of Scripture and a deep commitment to follow it. And not least of all, he is a great husband and father.

Therefore, I heartily recommend that you consider using Darin’s ministry gifts in any manner that you feel would fit the needs of your ministry.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me personally.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Ken Ortize, Pastor – Calvary Spokane, Washington

“We love having Darin Hilderbrand with us – whether it be leading us in worship, or performing with his band.

Darin is a solid and grounded brother in the Lord who I don’t hesitate to trust. He is well prepared, skillful in presentation and appropriate to the occasion.

I personally find it easy to worship with Darin, not only because of his ability and heart – but because I know he’s not going to do anything strange or inappropriate!

I have known Darin for about ten years now and don’t hesitate to recommend him to others for either worship or concert ministry.”

Cory Kirkham, Pastor – Calvary Rathdrum

“It has always been such a blessing to have Darin Hilderbrand share his music and lead our congregation in worship. Darin’s heart is clearly to glorify God and serve the body of Christ, and as a result, people are greatly blessed by his ministry. He is gifted in his ability to help people draw near to God in worship. We always love to have him share his own music with us as well since he is an amazing musician and songwriter. Whether you are looking for a fruitful time of worship or an enjoyable concert, Darin is truly a blessing to any ministry.”

Dale King – Pastor – Calvary Fellowship, Gig Harbor, WA

“I would like to express my appreciation of the ministry of Darin Hilderbrand. We have had Darin perform special music for us a number of times and have used him to lead our worship service when our worship leader is out of town. My experience with Darin is that he is a person that loves God and is very talented.  I enjoy his approach to worship which is modern and spiritually sensitive. He always does a great job for us and our church family really enjoys his ministry. I would highly recommend Darin and his music ministry to any church.”

Myron Vierra, Pastor

Living Hope Community Church, Wenatchee, WA

”Darin is a talented guitarist. His playing is clean, creative, anddownright good. He is also a good vocalist and songwriter, not to mention a fine brother in the Lord.”

Duane Clark – Clark Brothers Keepers Music 

“Darin is truly a gifted guitarist and performer.  His heart for the Lord is obvious with songs that are right on — strong messages in a down-to-earth, fun style.  God’s given him a terrific ministry.  You need to hear him!”   

Joel Weldon – President, Little Peach Music, Inc.

“Darin is an unusually gifted guitarist, amazingly adept at incorporating both strong rhythm and creative lead parts.  But he is also a gifted songwriter with a great voice, and an infectious heart for God… quite a total package of talent! Don’t miss hearing Darin’s work.”

Eric EngerbretsonVotive Music

“Darin is the best and the cutest guitar player in the whole wide world!”

Darin’s Wife and Biggest Fan 🙂

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